5 Questions You Cannot Ask in an Interview as an Employer

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Many employers are aware that there are specific questions you can’t ask during an interview. Inquiring about a candidate’s citizenship, marital status, gender, national origin, race, and similar protected conditions isn’t just bad form; it’s illegal. Here’s a little more info about 5 topics you cannot ask in an interview.

  1. Name
    It’s unacceptable to ask if a women is a Miss, Mrs., or Ms., or to ask for a maiden name.
  2. Marital Status
    It’s unacceptable:
    a) To ask marital status before hiring.
    b) To ask the number and age of children, who cares for them, or if applicant plans to have children.
  3. National Origin
    It’s unacceptable to ask about birthplace of applicant, parents, grandparents, or spouse.
  4. Residence
    It’s unacceptable to ask whether the applicant owns or rents residence.
  5. Work Schedule
    It’s unacceptable to ask about willingness to work any particular religious holiday.