Author: Andrea Pion

Employee Appreciation Day

Gracias. Merci. Obrigado. Dankeschon. Xiexie. Saum Arkoun. Thank You. DAVIS uses Administrative Professional’s Day to take a moment to thank our employees working at our client sites. In any language, we are very thankful for our contract employees. Their hard work and dedication are appreciated and recognized. In these uncertain times, now more than ever, […]

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What is Teladoc and how do I use it?

During this time of uncertainty, being able to get medical advice, without infecting others is a high priority.  This means care without leaving home and this is where Teladoc comes into play – online, over the phone and virtual doctor’s visits.

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6 Tips to Work from Home During Social Distancing

For a lot of people, working from home sounds like a dream – freedom, no commute, work in your PJ’s. But now with COVID-19, schools cancelled, gyms closed, social distancing, working from home can be tough – especially since the timeline of how long we’ll be working from home is up in the air. Here […]

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Demand Driving IT Hiring and Growth Key Findings

Demand for experienced IT professionals continues to accelerate. New technologies, cloud migration and security breaches contribute to the projected growth in IT occupations. The imbalance of supply and demand for IT Talent has reached critical levels.  The bottleneck on growth is the shortage of talent with the specific experience.  New computer science grads and coding […]

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