Author: Claire Gibree

Unemployment – The Topic of the Hour/Day/Week/Month

As we are in the midst of these unprecedented and uncertain times, so many Americans have been thrown into further turmoil by having to navigate states’ unemployment systems that have not been set up to operate at the capacity that the sudden deluge of lay offs and terminations has dictated.  Many states are experiencing backlogs […]

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Becoming an Intelligent HealthCare Consumer

As we speed in to the holiday season, this is also a very busy season for Open Enrollment for Benefits!  Many companies will be asking you to make elections about what healthcare coverage you would like for 2020.  Although Medical Coverage is something that is often in the news, especially with the upcoming 2020 elections, […]

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How to Dress for Success

Some of the wisest words I have heard in relation to a dress code are “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. At face value this would seem to say, if you want to be a high-level executive at some point then dress in a suit, or if you want to […]

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