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Retention = Continual Engagement

Today’s employees need to feel engaged in their work. When engagement stops, employees hit a plateau and start looking for other opportunities. Therefore, employers should pursue a proactive approach in order  to encourage employee retention and growth.

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5 Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

The Holidays can be a stressful time of year to say the least, the shopping and the busy crowds, and the anxiety of hosting and cooking. Sometimes we just need some quick reminders of what the Holidays are really all about, and maybe we need to adjust our holiday expectations. The Holidays should be a […]

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Building Relationships

Recently at DAVIS, we have started to really talk about what relationships mean to us and their effect on our day to day interactions. We all know the meaning of ‘Relationship’ and the need to have a positive relationship because of the effect is has on our lives, be it personal or professional, but what […]

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Finding That Perfect Fit for Your Organization

One of the most important steps in hiring is making sure you understand why the role exists. It is not uncommon for companies to get into the habit of blindly refilling roles even if they have outdated job descriptions or might no longer be required. By evaluating the job and the current job description, you […]

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Becoming an Intelligent HealthCare Consumer

As we speed in to the holiday season, this is also a very busy season for Open Enrollment for Benefits!  Many companies will be asking you to make elections about what healthcare coverage you would like for 2020.  Although Medical Coverage is something that is often in the news, especially with the upcoming 2020 elections, […]

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How to Find a Genuine Candidate

When I say “genuine”, I don’t necessarily mean a kind, charity-giving, family person; although those qualities are great, what I mean is authentic and honest. Recruiters speak to multiple candidates daily so finding the ones that truly mean what they say (or what their resumes say) can be a challenge. Often recruiters face the obstacle […]

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