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Massachusetts Pay Equity Act

What You Should Know About the Massachusetts Pay Equity Act

In 2016, Massachusetts was the first state to pass a law that bans employers from asking candidates about their salary history. This new law has brought the gender pay equality issue to light across the country and since its passing, other cities and states have adopted similar laws and still more are jumping on this bandwagon.

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candidates are people

Candidates Are People – Not Revenue

After being in the engineering staffing services industry for over 11 years, I have met countless recruitment professionals and even more qualified candidates across the country and across various skillsets. You know that you are speaking to a good Recruiter when the successes they discuss are centered around helping the folks around them, as opposed […]

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3 things Hiring Managers Expect When They Interview

3 Things Hiring Managers Expect When They Interview

No matter what role or industry you are in, all hiring managers have 3 minimum expectations. If you are well-prepared, these are very easy. However, many candidates fall short in these critical areas. You know what is on your resume and are able to talk about it If you put something on your resume, be […]

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